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Mackey Dental Care takes pride in helping each and every patient attain the healthiest smile possible. We offer: restorations, whitening, cleanings, implants, same day crowns, relaxation spa treatments, Invisalign.


We work passionately toward creating the most youthful smiles for patients whose natural teeth require fixing and/or replacement. If your teeth are damaged we can return the smile to your face.


A beautiful smile contributes to a better mood, it affects self-esteem, and it allows us to make a good impression on others. At our dental office, we offer advanced methods and technologies.


Are you looking for a quick, non-invasive way to enhance your smile? Teeth whitening might be the answer. See moderate to substantial improvement in the brightness and whiteness of your smile.


Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth. They are an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile.


Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth. They are an option for correcting stained, chipped, decayed or crooked teeth.


Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces for adults and teens. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile.


CEREC provides you the ultimate in digital dentistry technology. Cerec's CAD-CAM technology allows for one visit crowns made while you wait, eliminating a temporary crown and second appointment.


Oraspa™ is dedicated to eliminating the fear of dentistry. In a soothing atmosphere that addresses all of your five senses for relaxation, you will experience a decrease in tension during your visit-at no cost to you!


CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid is a non-invasive caries detection aid that helps eliminate the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay.

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